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Our Products

One thing the founders of Coil Spill have in common is a firm grasp of why it is we vape. Being former smokers we understand the importance of making a positive impact in the lives of our customers. Thank you for your support and attention, we plan to continue bringing you the highest quality, best tasting E-Juice for years to come.
Coil Spill’s signature E-juice line consists of two very complex, very unique, and downright decadent flavors. RKOI – Naturally Sweet Strawberry Champagne & Bakers Daughter – Rich Marshmallow White-Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookie
Our flavors are complementary, and go well vaping one after the other. Our line is meant to be enjoyed year round, just a really good all day vape you can rely on to be the most satisfying, every time.

Our Team

Coil Spill Ejuice was created due to the inspiration of collaboration. We started by bringing together the best from the East Coast and the best from the West Coast to work together. The goal was to bring you the best flavors in the vaping industry, without any question.
The vision was had in Sunny California and brought to life in New York. A group of guys came together to share different perspectives and talents, some relevant to the vaping industry, some not. Thus, they created an E-Juice that is a cut above the rest, Coil Spill was brought to life.
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Our Customers
We have the best customers in the world. Coil Spill has become less of an E-Juice company, and more of a movement of quality, consistency, and international unity in the Vaping Community. We never intended to have such a large audience to serve, but we’re grateful for every single one of our customers loyalty and willingness to share our products and ideas with the world.